Building an automated referral network for insurance agencies

Using the Agile methodology and fractional leadership, Thinkship helped reinvent the way insurance agencies build and scale referral networks.

  • Venture strategy

  • Business analysis

  • Cloud-based applications

  • Responsive design


The challenge

Pabius wanted to reinvent the way insurance agencies grow and add value to their business. They came to Thinkship looking for a partner that could help them build a platform to allow insurance agencies to build and scale their referral networks. The project required complex algorithms and a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry.

About Pabius

Pabius is the first automated and legally compliant tool to build and scale an insurance agency’s referral network.


In the insurance industry, referrals are an essential strategy for insurance agencies who want to grow their business and build successful, lifelong partnerships with clients.

Pabius designed a platform to make the referral process better for insurance agencies and customers. The company needed to develop a technical solution where referral makers could refer prospects from their professional network and earn income for their participation.

They approached Thinkship looking to build out the technical aspect of the business idea into a cutting-edge and robust platform.

Defining a roadmap  

Thinkship leveraged its experience to identify the best approach to creating a solution for Pabius. By building use cases for users targeted by Pabius, including agents, referral makers and admins, Thinkship developed flow diagrams and fleshed out detailed requirements. 

Using an Agile approach with two-week sprints, Thinkship was able to validate hypotheses quickly to get the platform market-ready as quickly as possible.

Creating an automated solution

Thinkship produced an AngularJS app, powered by RESTful API and supported with Laravel. With an intuitive and responsive interface, this app instantly notifies agents of new referrals and allows quick action from a mobile device. 

Three distinct user portals were developed to cater to each audience (referrers, agents, and admins). Overall, the solution had five core features:

  • A configurable system for routing referrals to agents, based on multiple criteria.

  • A subscription system for agencies based on their package and network usage.

  • Algorithms for scoring agents and partners based on their activity.

  • CRM and email marketing integration.

  • A built-in payment processing system to compensate referral makers.

Built to scale 

Thinkship carefully documented each step of the project and compiled all reference materials into a well-organized and easily understandable guide that defines the architecture and inner workings of the solution delivered.

Pabius is the first automated and legally compliant tool to build and scale an insurance agency’s referral network.

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