Reimagining the food delivery experience for people with dietary restrictions

How Thinkship helped a group of entrepreneurs create an innovative business in the competitive food delivery space

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Eatful needed a partner that could build a food delivery app and also provide fractional leadership to help the company's founders build a successful business.

To create all the experiences and processes efficiently, the strategy, design and development teams at Thinkship needed to work as a unit. Thinkship also had to ensure Eatful's team was involved at every step of the project to eliminate any bottlenecks.

About Eatful

Eatful is a food discovery and delivery app for underserved communities with specialized dietary needs. Users can search healthy delivery options from local restaurants and narrow their search to specific needs, whether they're gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.



Eatful started with a simple question: What do I want for lunch? After sifting through the same pile of familiar menus and, all too often, ordering some fast food, Eatful’s founders realized there had to be a better — and healthier — way.

Why wasn't there a simple, intuitive tool that connected people to the world of healthy food that is surely just outside their doors? Why do we have to sacrifice nutrition, dietary needs and personal preferences for the sake of convenience?

Eatful’s founders knew they were not alone. When it comes to food, people’s needs and preferences are incredibly varied. The one-size-fits-all approach to food discovery was ripe for disruption.


Diving into the healthy food trend

When Eatful approached Thinkship, they were looking for a partner that could validate their idea and build the business from concept to market.

Thinkship started by analyzing market trends and conducting interviews with restaurant owners and consumers to understand what the business opportunities were in the healthy food space.

After several workshops, Thinkship presented a strong, research-driven concept to Eatful founders: To create an online food delivery service tailored to the growing segment of people with specific dietary needs.   

The business required multiple components to become operational: a brand, technology, leadership, marketing and sales teams, customer support, delivery partners and legal help. Thinkship provided a fractional CEO to lead the effort to pull all these components together and bring the solution to market.    


Building a brand that lasts

As a service, food delivery is deceptively complex. Several actors, organizations and customer touch-points have to be synchronized to create an effective end-to-end solution. The market is crowded, and competition is stiff. Companies need to move fast to be competitive.

To accelerate the development of partnerships with restaurants and improve Eatful's knowledge of the food delivery space, Thinkship found and hired a director of sales and operations from a competing online delivery service.

The fractional CEO and the sales director worked together to define a pilot market, create a marketing strategy, hire a courier with a track record of great customer service, and build a customer support group. Eatful was taking shape.


Creating a better food discovery experience

The final and most critical piece was the technology. Eatful needed an innovative consumer app, a support portal and a back end admin panel.

The design team identified the main frustrations of restaurant owners with other delivery services in order to optimize the user interface and create an exceptional consumer journey. Thinkship used design sprints to plan a consumer app experience that prioritized personalization and encouraged discovery.

Changing the game for people with dietary restrictions

Eatful launched on the Apple App Store and is currently undergoing alpha testing.

The company continues to work with Thinkship to raise its next round of funding and extend its network of partners in Chicago.  

Eatful is poised to make waves in the food delivery category — and that is just the beginning.


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