In China, telemarketing is a very popular way for real estate agents to connect with potential customers. Chinese real estate agents make hundreds of phone calls each day, often with little success due to disconnected calls, out-of-service phone numbers, or uninterested parties. Thinkship recognized that an AI-powered telemarketing tool could save real estate agents hours of time every day, helping them be more efficient at their jobs. The lack of a useful automated call system led the team at Thinkship to create the AILGS.

Building the tool

Thinkship assessed the problem and determined that the best solution was to leverage existing technologies to quickly deliver a solution to market. They searched and found speech recognition software and a semantic interaction AI engine with VoIP capabilities that could be integrated to achieve the goals of the project.

The AILGS uses speech recognition technology to convert human speech into text and sends the text to the semantic interaction system. The semantic interaction system derives meaning from the words and phrases contained in the text and forms a meaningful response which it “speaks” back to the caller in a lifelike voice. This interaction results in a natural conversation and the collection of valuable lead information, which is stored in a built-in CRM system.

In order to create these lifelike interactions, Thinkship used text message integration to develop multiple conversation templates by preinstalling different conversations under various circumstances with multiple people. Thinkship installed abundant keywords into the system, so that the AILGS easily understands customers’ statements and questions, and responds with such accuracy that customers often don’t realize they are conversing with a machine.

New opportunities

The AILGS was built to serve any industry that relies on telemarketing services and has expanded beyond real estate into the education and insurance industries. In fact, the MGCR has become its own marketing tool and has successfully sold its services to several customers, as they did not know that they were speaking with an AI tool during the sales call.