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Technology is disrupting all industries and changing the way customers interact with brands. At Thinkship, we create custom software solutions that address your company's biggest challenges, delivering concrete results.

Why Thinkship?

The way of doing business has changed. Technology has impacted every industry — and small and medium companies need to move fast and adapt quickly to survive. Thinkship's pragmatic approach is specially designed to drive innovation while addressing your company's priorities.

  • Focus on results

    We don’t spend your resources building products with shiny features; we focus on creating solutions that drive business outcomes.

  • Speed to market

    We get your solution out in the market quickly and use real customer feedback to improve your product and maximize results.

  • Strategy applied to software

    We’re not just building you a piece of technology — we're working with you to develop strategy, manage day-to-day operations and sustain growth.

  • Efficiency from experience

    Our multidisciplinary team has many years of experience in building best-in-class solutions to transform companies digitally.

Let’s talk!

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There was a lot of communication throughout the whole process to make sure everyone was one the same page, from the beginning idea to the end user experience.
— Nicole, SynoPay


clutch.png, a top B2B research & review firm, has officially recognized Thinkship and a top development partner in Chicago and Minneapolis.