Introducing Thinkship

We are excited to announce a major rebranding including a new name, logo and website.


We are proud to announce that More Gold Tech is now called Thinkship.

Our business has gone through significant transformations in the past two years. The new name and identity aim to represent our ability to think through tough problems — which is at the core of how we help companies succeed — while moving the brand forward and acknowledging the maturity of our services.

The name Thinkship encompasses some of the most important values that guide our work:

  • Partnership

  • Mentorship

  • Craftsmanship

  • Friendship

  • Leadership

Our new logo further expands upon the meaning of the name.


This new logo represents two qualities that are at the core of our work:

  • Working together - The four curved shapes on the outside can be seen as shoulders. The circle in the center is a head. It represents multiple people coming together as one to solve problems and the strong partnerships we build with our clients.

  • Guiding the way - The logo also resembles the North Star, which is a guiding light that has helped explorers and travelers get their bearings throughout history. We aspire to be a guiding light for our customers through our strategic and technical guidance.  

Along with this update, we're also changing our social media channels. We invite you to visit and follow our social media profiles to get our latest updates and have access relevant content to your business.

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We look forward to continuing to grow and serve you under our new name!

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