Improving an e-commerce site through user experience and performance enhancements

How Thinkship helped Gage Diamonds increase revenue through performance enhancements, user-centered design and software best practices.

  • E-commerce

  • User-centered design

  • Business analysis

  • Performance improvements

  • Security enhancements

  • Systems integration


The challenge

The founders of Gage Diamonds wanted to increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates on their e-commerce site, which had been performing poorly and negatively impacting the company’s bottom line. Thinkship diagnosed site issues through codebase and user experience audits, identifying security, performance and user experience issues.  To achieve Gage’s conversion rate goals, Thinkship had to design and implement a frictionless user experience, refactor unstable, insecure, inefficient code, and apply a number of best practices to the codebase and environment.

About gage diamonds

Gage Diamonds is a brick-and-mortar and e-commerce jewelry store headquartered in Chicago, IL. The company offers quality jewelry at competitive prices and gives customers the unique option of online financing so they can, within one session on the site, design custom jewelry, be approved for financing, and complete a purchase.  


Gage Diamonds is a successful jewelry store who struggled with getting its e-commerce site up to a quality standard while working with a former tech partner. The site was not functioning at an optimal pace, which led to high bounce rates and low conversion rates. The company wanted to increase online sales by improving the functionality of their site.   

The founders of Gage Diamonds approached Thinkship to fix the technical issues that plagued their site and improve user experience — improvements which would lead to increases in conversion rates, ROI, and revenue. Through thorough investigation and a comprehensive audit, Thinkship gained insight into the root of the problems and used industry best practices to solve them.    


Building solutions from the ground up

In order to define the best solutions, Thinkship first met with the founders of Gage to discuss their goals and to understand the issues that had been affecting their site. In addition to slow load times, there were several bugs present in the system that impacted a customer’s ability to complete a purchase on the site. The team at Thinkship investigated the former site and learned that it wasn’t structured according to best practices and that technical debt was preventing system changes from taking effect. Once Thinkship stabilized the site, they created a test environment to further investigate the issues.

By setting up extensive logging and running a multitude of tests to recreate the conditions that were causing the bugs, Thinkship was able to discover the root of the problems and implement solutions to stabilize the environment and improve the overall performance of the site. After enhancing the site’s security and performance, Thinkship designed and implemented user experience enhancements to deliver a seamless purchase process for Gage’s customers.

With a new and improved site experience, users can now browse, design, and purchase jewelry and apply for financing quickly and easily. The ease of use and quicker page load times have led to increases in conversion rates, ROI, and revenue.

Continued growth

Thinkship continues to work with Gage Diamonds to expand their e-commerce site.


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